Lendwirbel Wayfinding 2019

Group project with Cristoph Geramb, Corinna Kacirek, Sonja Zechner and Hazan Dilara Melikoglu
March - June 2019

Start-Up Course

The assignment for this course was to create a virtual design firm, create branding for it, define the USP, aims and find a real-life project and complete it.

The project we completed was the wayfinding system for a neighbourhood festival called Lendwirbel.

The task was to communicate the overall programm through sustainable design, help people to find the location of the festival, communicate all the artists who take part in the festival (around 200), remind people about not littering on the streets, entertain them and communicate the purposes of the festival.

We were unbeliveably happy to take part in an organisation of such event!

Hazan Dilara (red jacket) and me/Photo by Corinna Kacirek

What we created

Photo by Sonja Zechner

There were a lot upcycled items in the system. All the bags were given to us by Paul & Bohne for free, the record plates were not playable anymore and we got them  for a very small price. We managed to stay within the budget. The most pleasant part was that a lot of items of the system were taken by the people and we hope those items will be a warm reminder to them about the festival.

We created a wayfinding system, that not only communicates the main points of the programm and of the overall communication, but also managed to do it fully flexible, so the artists, performers and organisers were able to co-create the whole system!


The overall programm

Video footage by Christof Geramb

In order to create the central point of the communication there had to be a programm. We labeled a jute bag per day of the festival so the participants and attendees of the festival could easily find the date they were looking for. 

Direction, trash and entertaining signs

    • With the direction signs we guided people to the main points of the festival and to the less visited/less noticed locations. And of course the toilets.


    • Trash signs were communicating the nearest trash cans. At the In the most crowded areas we hung huge banners reminding people to separate their garbage.


    • “Entertaining signs” were not only of the fun nature, but also reminded people about the values of the festival.


Left to right: Sonja, me, Corinna, Hazan Dilara/Photo by the Zechner Family

Individual hint records

Photo by Sonja Zechner

To be able to communicate over 200 performers/participants of the festival on a short notice we desided to make this part as as flexible as possible.

We found 300 of used records, put a bright sticker on them with the festival logo and values on the edge and let the artists to do the rest of the job at their convenience. 

The record plates were easy to place (on the trees, walls and so on); we also provided the participants with drawing materials and equipment to attach the plates.

Promo video


Customer: Lendwirbel – Verein für nachbarschaftliche Stadtentwicklung. project executed by:
Sonja Zechner, Hazan Dilara Melikoglu, Corinna Kacirek, Cristoph Geramb and Nataliia Protsenko. Photos by: Sonja Zechner, Corinna Kacirek. Video of the Programm by: Christof Geramb. Other videos by: Nataliia Protsenko. Sound in the last video: youtube.com

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