How People See Artificial Companions

Group Project with Hazan Dilara Melikoglu and others
March - June 2019

Research and Knowledge Course

This project was about exploring the subject in a deeper way in order to approach topics with a profound understanding.

The project envolved a lot of experimentation not only with the visual side, but also on the subject level.

The Process

Photo by Hazan Dilara Melikoglu

For this course we had to choose a subject, do a research and based on the results create a video, a poster and a website presenting research results.

We researched some literature on artificial companions and created a small survey on how people imegine their future with them. Based on the results of the survey we created a small story and filmed it.

We borrowed thrown away computer parts at the Compuritas and spent two days in the studio, playing with lights, exploring the shapes and how they connect and interact with each other, changing and rewriting the script.

Final Video


Objects in the video: Compuritas. Video: Hazan Dilara Melikoglu and me. Editing: me. Voice: Hazan Dilara Melikoglu.  Picture of me on the set made by Hazan Dilara Melikoglu. Subject proposal: Christof Geramb. Subject development: Hazan Dilara Melikoglu, Christof Geramb and me. Music: Youtube. Equipment and video studio: FH Joanneum.

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