A brief rundown of my life

Old picture of me in a blue jacket with a friend;
photo by: unknown

Born in the 90’s in Ukraine, went to school and got my Bachelors degree there.

That was the time that in some way shaped my way of seeing the world.

At the age of 22 I left everything and moved to Austria. But I never stopped learning.

Photo by Jacqueline Reiterer, Theresa Dachauer & Richard Cross
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First thing I designed for money/2015

I always loved expressing my ideas visually but it wasn’t untill 2015 that I started to earn money with it. 

During my studies I worked a plentiful of part-time jobs to pay my rent. I worked as nanny, sales assistant, receptionist (&bartender) and gathered a lot of everyday experience and work ethics.

After that I was occasionally freelancing as graphic designer and decided to pursue the education in that area. While studying at the FH Joanneum I discovered a great passion for time-based media and all the various ways to tell stories.

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